What is a tolling date and why could it cost you thousands?

today, we want to talk to you about tolling dates that are coming up on your claim. Greg, why don’t you explain to us what a tolling date is.

There are several kinds of totaling dates in your policy. One could be for the amount of time to collect depreciation. The other one could be for the amount of time you have to file a claim after a loss. The one we’re talking about specifically here is the amount of time you have to sue your insurance company if they’re not treating you correctly, if they’re breaching your contract or acting in bad faith. The State of Oklahoma has determined in their infinite wisdom that the carriers can determine how long that timeframe is in the policy. The policy will dictate when that is.

And we have a few major carriers that limit that time to only a year.


And so if you sustain damage on March 23rd last year, your data’s coming up soon. So if your claim is still not resolved, please reach out to us or someone else qualified immediately so that we can see if we can help try to preserve your claim and get you a rightful settlement.

Yeah. We only have about two weeks, a little over two weeks, to take a look at your policy, find out what your tolling dates are, and see when you might lose your rights, because when the tolling date happens, if it’s one year after your date of loss, then you’re going to lose the right to sue if it comes down to it.

Absolutely. If you don’t know where to find the tolling date in your policy, call us for that too, but we will perform a free claim review and advise you of your options and what you could do in the next couple of weeks to make sure that you get properly identified. That’s our job and that’s what we want, but we can’t stress enough how important this tolling date is. Because if it comes and goes and you didn’t get enough money to get your work done or they didn’t approve it at all, there’s nothing you could do.

Even appraisal. We’ve talked about appraisal in the past, but if you don’t have the right to sue the insurance company to enforce the contract and the appraisal is a provision in the contract, then you don’t have the right to take your claim to appraisal anymore unless they waive it or they grant it back to you, basically. They take the right away and then they can give it back to you. And also, we can request an extension to the tolling date. But when it comes to residential policies, that almost never happens.

Yeah, they always say no on that.

Yeah. I wouldn’t rely on that.

So let’s stress the importance here of you guys calling us or another professional to either help you figure out what your tolling data is or to help you with your claim and advise you of your options to preserve your claim.

Because you guys are running out. Two weeks. Our phone number is at the bottom of this video. Please give us a call.