What is a Public Adjuster?


https://youtu.be/PvKyqqsIBPg Greg Hey, I'm Greg cannon with Coppermark Public Adjusters. Stephanie And I'm Stephanie Lee, we get asked all the time, what do you do? What is a public adjuster? So today, we'd like to take the time to explain to you exactly what we do, and what public adjusting means. Greg We can go [...]

What is a Public Adjuster?2020-12-30T15:25:46-05:00

APCN Episode #1


https://youtu.be/rokal7y0N9s Greg One thing that's been coming up in the field lately during these inspections is the behavior the strange behavior of insurance adjusters field adjusters, the lower end level guys, not the managers that are pulling their strings, but the guys that are actually on the roofs or in the houses taking a look [...]

APCN Episode #12020-12-31T10:52:36-05:00
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