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March 23rd is coming

2020-03-19T16:17:54-05:00 If you remember last year on March 23rd was a storm date for Edmond, OK and other parts of Oklahoma, but mainly concentrated in Edmond.  You have roughly a week to get these claims filed and claims settled in some cases because there is a one-year statute of limitations or statutory limit to file [...]

March 23rd is coming2020-03-19T16:17:54-05:00

The Scoop on Appraisals


The scoop on appraisals, what are they, why they are important and what you should do with them. Today we want to talk to you about an appraisal. When people hear the term appraisal, they think buying and selling real estate. However, an insurance claim appraisal is very different. Property loss appraisals are meant [...]

The Scoop on Appraisals2020-03-19T11:58:42-05:00

What is a tolling date?


What is a tolling date and why could it cost you thousands? today, we want to talk to you about tolling dates that are coming up on your claim. Greg, why don't you explain to us what a tolling date is. There are several kinds of totaling dates in your policy. One could be [...]

What is a tolling date?2020-03-19T16:17:47-05:00

What to do when the engineer report is wrong


That's a great question. There's three things that we like to do. First of all, we look up the engineer at the state level and find out what is his area of expertise? I want to know, is he civil? Is he electrical? Is he a computer engineer? Because I have seen computer [...]

What to do when the engineer report is wrong2020-03-19T11:56:20-05:00
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